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PLEASE NOTE "there is no way to guarantee your puppy's adult weight" At 
they give an estimate for adult weight. That only means that if the puppy continues to grow as he has to this point "then your puppy is tracking towards this estimated adult weight"
​Some puppies are right on track with it and some not.

If you want to be on the PUPPIES WANTED EMAIL LIST, which will notify you when the website is updated with new litters, go to the contact us button at the top of any page and fill it out stating you'd like to be on the list. 

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We require $5. per day to hold your puppy beyond one week past it's placement date, which is 8 weeks of age. We do not provide a boarding service. Most boarding services are $12-$15 per day. The ideal learning of new things and bonding time is between 7-8 weeks of age. 
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If you wish to be on the PUPPIES WANTED EMAIL LIST, which will notify you when the website is updated with new litters, go to the contact us button at the top of any page, fill it out stating, along with any other comments, you'd like to be on the list and submit it. 
Becky (Rory & Dora female)          AVAILABLE
DOB  3-23-19             Ready 5-18-19
Estimated adult weight 8.4 lb (We think 9-10 lb)
Attributes: Becky has more of a black/brown and white coat. Becky is loving, snuggly, cuddly, engaging, friendly and playful. She loves people and lap time. She'd be a great family pet.
SOLD to Michelena on FLASH SALE
Phebe (Piper & Missile female)         
DOB 4-12-19             Ready to place
Estimated adult weight 4.11 lb  
Attributes: beautiful black and white coat, bright eyes and beautiful face with well balanced coloring, she is solid with good substance. Phebe is great in our litter program. Her parents are TeaCups. She is playful, fun loving, and a great lap puppy.   Esposito is her grandfather.  PRICE $1500

Parrie (Piper & Missile male)          
DOB  4-12-19             Ready to place
Estimated adult weight 3.10 lb 
Attributes: beautiful black and white coat, bright eyes, beautiful face, short legs and short body length. Parrie is the perfect purse puppy, he's loves attention, he's friendly and playful, and engaging. He is just beautiful to look at! 

SOLD Male TeaCup to Dokoda
Cruz (Cordelia & Missile male)          
DOB  4-22-19     9 weeks and Ready to place
Estimated adult weight 4.5 lb 
Attributes: His coat is white and black, the black has a mahogany cast to it. His face is really cute with wide bright eyes and high nose. He has short legs and a great tail set. Cruz is engaging, friendly, and playful, and just the cutest little thing, he's just a hoot!  He's very active and attentive. Does great in our litter training program. 

Denae  (Dixie/Missile female)
DOB 4-29-19        8 weeks and ready to place
Estimated adult weight 6 lb  
Attributes: Denae is a liver pigment with a red/brown and white coat.  Denae is observant and always knows what's going on around her. She has good energy, is playful, and friendly.  
PRICE $1500

Ruthy  (Bubbles/Smokin female)
DOB 5-21-19       ready to place 7/16/19
Estimated adult weight 5.11 lb  
Attributes: This little beauty has a beautiful thick black coat with a mahogany cast to it and a little white on her chin, chest and toes.  Ruthy is really cute with her short body and short legs. She's very sweet and loves being held.
PRICE $1500
Flipper (Bubbles & Smokin male)          
DOB  5-21-19    ready to place 7/16/19
Estimated adult weight 5.11 lb 
Attributes: This gorgeous boy has a beautiful thick black coat with a mahogany cast to it and some white on his chin and chest. His face is round and really cute with wide set eyes and high nose. He has short legs and short body. Flipper is small, sweet, and cuddly.       PRICE $1200
TeaCup SOLD to Angela on FLASH SALE!   
Mini (Siggy/Missile female)
DOB 2-5-19 (5 months) Ready to place 
Estimated adult weight 4.10
We were hoping this little beauty to be a breeder for us, however, she is 20 weeks old and remains very small, definitely a TeaCup.
Attributes: beautiful thick black and white coat, beautiful eyes, sweet personality, outgoing, friendly, playful, and very loyal. LOYAL TO HER LITTER TRAINING PROGRAM! VERY SWEET PUPPY!
Priced at $1500

AVAILABLE    year old female
TRUFFLE             Choco and Cadbury female  
DOB  6-18-18   one year old          Ready to place
Adult weight    8.1 lb
Attributes: Truffle is a liver pigment with liver and white coat. She is a solid and strong female with good substance. She has beautiful large brown wide set eyes. Truffle wants with everything she is to be a human's everything. She is energetic, personable, friendly. 
PRICE $1000 
Blue eyed girl (Rory & L`Oreal female)          SOLD to Krystyna on FLASH SALE
DOB  5-24-19             Ready 7-19-19
Estimated adult weight 7.9 lb (We think 8-lb)
Attributes: Blue eyed girl is a tricolor with a beautiful thick coat. She is sweet and easy girl.     PRICE $1000
Paisley (Rory & L`Oreal female)          AVAILABLE
DOB  5-24-19             Ready 7-19-19
Estimated adult weight 6.7 lb (We think 7-lb)
Attributes: Paisley is a brown/red and white with a beautiful thick coat. She is quiet, sweet and loving.     PRICE $1000
Powell (Rory & L`Oreal male)        
 SOLD to Chuck on FLASH SALE!
DOB  5-24-19             Ready 7-19-19
Estimated adult weight 7.6 lb (We think 8-lb)
Attributes: Powell is mostly white with red and has a beautifully thick coat. He very sweet, friendly, and  loving.  He wants to be held and loved.   PRICE $900
Peasly (Rory & L`Oreal male)          AVAILABLE
DOB  5-24-19             Ready 7-19-19
Estimated adult weight 7.13 lb (We think 8-lb)
Attributes: Peasly is black and white with a beautiful thick coat. He's very sweet, friendly, loving and fun.     PRICE $800
Cool Whip (Truffle & Rory female)          AVAILABLE
DOB  5-21-19             Ready 7-16-19
Estimated adult weight 7.3 lb (We think 8-lb)
Attributes: Cool Whip is a deep chocolate and white female.  She has a fun coat, it's curly and looks like whipped topping, soft, thick, and beautiful and her tail is already thick and fluffy. She is out there, friendly, loving, engaging and fun.     PRICE $1000
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