The Shih Tzu Collection

Welcome to our INFORMATION PAGE. It is our hope that this page will answer many of the common questions that we are frequently asked.

We do not guarantee against undescended testicles, hernias, pinch nostrils or infertility. Check out more about our guarantee own our HOME page. 

We price all of our puppies individually according to quality, size, beauty, confirmation, color, coat, personality and parentage. You wouldn't want to pay a Porsche price for a Volkswagen and likewise we've chosen not to set a high price on all of our puppies but to price them individually.


Our Toy size is 10-16 pounds and range in price from $700 and up. 
Our Imperial size is 6-9 pounds and range in price from $800 and up.
Our Tea Cups are up to 6 pounds and range in price from $1200 and up
We can never guarantee size but we generally have a pretty good idea. I always try to post the puppies weight each time I post pictures to the website. You can go to to track your puppies weight. I suggest that you add a pound or two to their estimated weight on Toy sized puppies.

   We will now be posting new puppies to the website when they are about "6" weeks of age.  That way our customers will have a better idea of what the puppies look like and about what their adult size will be.  We will have a better idea of what we have and how to price them.  By six weeks of age their eyes are completely open , they're walking and playing, they're weaned and have begun their vaccination regime, have been placed in our litter training program and will have their first wellness checkup by our veterinarian. You will only have 2 weeks before your pickup date. We have puppies most of the time.  

Equine Fresh Pelletized Pine Horse Bedding (40# bag of litter) $10.00
Screen to cover the litter so fines won't get tracked around ($6.00)

  Corwyn (Puppy Nanny) phone number - (205) 223-3121, ships via air or ground. It's his business! He’s the best! Tell him you’re price checking to ship a puppy from the Shih Tzu Collection, Ladena Coolman. We need a few days once you decide to purchase so we have time to get his Health Certificate and flying crate for carry-on. Be aware - puppies are available for anyone to purchase until a $100 deposit marks the puppy sold in your name

    By eight weeks of age your puppy will be weaned, dewormed, have his vet wellness checkup, and have the vaccinations that we can give. All of our puppies will be well on their way in our training program. Check it out on our TRAINING PAGE. All of our adult dogs are double trained to use the litter pan inside and to go outside. Puppies are smart and can easily learn to do litter training, going outside, and the bell training and use each method as the need arises.
   Growing puppies need food and fresh water in front of them at all times.
We feed Royal Canin mini starter. If you choose a different puppy food begin mixing little of yours with ours, increasing the amount of yours until ours is gone.
   Nothing neutralizes odor like Pelletized Pine Horse Bedding. It's the best there is for puppy & dog litter! You only need enough to barely cover the bottom of the pan. We buy it at TSC (Tractor Supply Company). It comes in a 40 lb bag. This will last a single puppy for a very long time.
   Our puppies are raised and litter trained in a small exercise pen.
It has (8) 24" x 24" panels which we manipulate in size and shape with zip ties. It's portable. It's great to take to the yard or on a trip because it keeps your puppy safe. You can purchase the pen at Pet Stores. We sometimes carry them.
   We use a 2' X 2' flat bottom Dura Tray pans (fits puppy through adult). 
  We cover our litter with 1/2" Plastic Hardware Cloth. It helps to keep the fines in the litter pan.  
You'll need at least two beds (so one is always clean), Chew toys, toys to play with, and a stuffed animal to sleep with.
   We prefer a harness rather than a collar.

Puppies love treats. We do not feed Wagon Train Treats of any kind. There was an investigation on them. There have been dogs that have died from liver & kidney failure who were treated with Wagon Train Treats. I had a customer who bought a puppy from us after his one year old puppy died from kidney failure. He fed Wagon Train Treats. We use Purina Moist & Meaty Shreds & Pupperoni as treats (NEVER use treats as a whole food. Raw hide chews & calf knuckles are great for teething, teeth cleaning, and to give them something to chew on besides your property. Never leave a puppy unattended with a treat or chew.
                Most important of all is that your puppy feels your love for him.