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New puppy needs

by Ladena Coolman on 09/24/14

   Always make sure your puppy has fresh water and fresh food in front of him at all times.  He is a growing puppy and needs nourishment available to him at his choosing.
   Shih Tzu have a very fluffy and full coat. Consequently, they may appear well fed even if they're not.  Feel your puppy's body to make sure it is not too thin. Watch your puppy to make sure it is eating a good amount of food daily.
   If your puppy appears thin, add some canned food, we recommend Purina Pro Plan Focus (chicken & rice), to his daily food plan. Puppies under stress may not be eating all they need.  The less they eat, the less they want, until they are in danger and not wanting to eat at all. They can then go into hypoglycemic shock from lack of food (deficiency of glucose in the bloodstream).
   Activity is also a good indicator of your puppies well being. If he seems tired or lazy it could be from lack of sufficient food intake.

Love is a good buffer for stress.
   A puppy that feels your love will be most likely to thrive.


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1. Stacy Cole said on 1/6/15 - 04:23AM
Since I have picked up my puppy, his needs are rediculous. He came with fleas, ear mites, & intestinal worms.
2. Janet Weigel said on 8/20/15 - 09:07AM
I bought a beautiful little girl from Ladena. She was in perfect condition and her checkup was great. I love this breeder and feel that they are trustworthy. My dog is adjusting wonderfully. She is smart and already cues me when she has to go out to pee and poop. She is full of pep and loves to play. A great puppy. I am grateful.
3. Nancy D. said on 3/8/16 - 01:05PM
I have a beautiful new little girl, Chloe, she is absolutely fantastic. When I picked her up, she was clean, happy and adjusted very well when we arrived home. Ladena is a wonderful breeder and I am so glad that I was able to find this website and get my Chloe from her! I have also found a great deal of helpful information from the site as well!!!
4. Marlys Curry said on 1/17/17 - 10:34AM
I purchased Baxter ( Bambam) from Ladena a week ago. I had never had a little puppy before and had lots of question. Ladena has been so wonderful and has answered all my questions. I would recommends her and her puppies to everyone.
5. Marlys Curry said on 3/2/17 - 05:36PM
I would like to thank Ladena and a special THANK YOU to her daughter Ginny. I love this little man. I loved Baxter so much, I didn't know if it was possible to love another as much,believe me, I do.I will always miss my little Baxter, but Cooper is just loved as much. He is so funny. Anyone that is purchasing a puppy from them, you will not be sorry. They are so much help. And their puppies are great.They are all loved and cared for so muchl
6. S. DIMMITT said on 5/31/18 - 01:17PM
Was confused by a comment by Marlys. In Jan 17 she said she bought Baxter. Then in March she wrote thar she'd miss Baxter but that Cooper was wonderful and she loved him so much.

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